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 May Corporation


The management has adopted these Rules and Regulations for what we believe is for the benefit of the property and the tenants.

  1. The use of the apartment, and the tenant's rent, is subject to each tenant's lease agreement. The consistent use (including multiple overnight stays) of the facility/apartment by others not listed in the lease agreement is a violation of the lease agreement, and the House Rules. The prolonged, consistent presence of a guest, or guests, without Landlord's agreement is a violation of the lease agreement, which may result in immediate termination of the lease contract.
  2. Tenants are responsible for any, and all, actions of their guest(s) while on May Apartments property. Tenants shall be held responsible for any violation of the House Rules/Lease by a guest/visitor.
  3. There is to be no undue noise or disturbances from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Tenants shall walk quietly on stairs and shall not slam doors.
  4. Tenants, and their guests, shall have due regard for the peace, comfort, and enjoyment of other tenants in the building at all times. Audio devices shall be played only at reasonable levels at all times. Be aware that loud bass audio is often the primary means of disturbing the peace of others.
  5. Apartment entrance doors must be properly closed at all time preventing inconveniences for all tenants.
  6. Walks, driveways, entrances, stairways, and hallways must be kept free of all obstructions. They are not be used for storage of any kind. Unattended items are subject to immediate disposal.
  7. Tenants shall not penetrate the surface of the walls, and ceilings, in their apartment with any devices such as nails, screws, anchors, picture hooks, etc. The use of 'adhesive' types of hangers is permitted.
  8. Tenants shall promptly report all leaking faucets, leaking drain piping, leaking/running toilets, and all other defects in the apartment or appliances to the Landlord. No alterations or additional appliances can be made/installed without the management's prior approval.
  9. Tenants should inform management of any anticipated absences from the premises in excess of seven (7) days.
  10. Tenant shall use the equipment in the apartment as it was intended. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Keeping objects/utensils, and food items/grease out of the drains.
    • Toilets are not to be used for disposal of feminine products, prophylactics, cigarette butts, cosmetics, children's toys, or any other garbage.
    • Windows are not to be used for dumping/throwing items outside, or for entering/exiting the apartment.
  11. No pets or animals of any kind are allowed at the property. Special permission may be given in extraordinary cases, which must be included in the lease agreement.
  12. Apart from services provided in the lease agreement, extra services listed in Appendix 1 may be obtained for a fee. The price of services may be amended from time to time, and will be posted on May Apartments' website (

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